Cafeteria Culture

In 2012 Cafeteria Culture (CafCu) received a Captain Planet Foundation grant for  their Art + Action Cafeteria Waste Reduction (CWR) project. Now in 2013 they’ve been awarded a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Environmental Quality Award!

The CWR project, which is still in process, is a 2-3  month in-school Residency, providing urgently needed school cafeteria food packaging waste reduction, recycling, and composting education in the Title One PS 307 Brooklyn elementary school that has limited resources. The primary project goal is to increase school cafeteria solid waste diversion rate to over 80%, by empowering students to be the agents of change. CafCu facilitates student stewardship training and leadership opportunities, an interdisciplinary Eco-arts Make Change Messaging workshop for 4th – 5th graders, experiential cafeteria recycling, composting and reduction education; and assistance for the entire school community. Project outcomes will be used to develop content for CafCu’s CWR Toolkit, a multimedia “how to” guide for NYC public schools on cafeteria garbage reduction, which will be shared as a free resource for all schools.

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