Captain Planet Foundation is a part of the National Social Media “March” Against GMOs

OCA Joins with Organic-Friendly Brands to Host National Social Media “March” Against GMOs
Posted: May 12
by Katherine Paul

The #1MilNonGMO Social Media March will attempt to garner 1 million social media impressions to raise awareness about the negative impacts of GMOs

FINLAND, Minn. and ATLANTA –The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) today announced that it will join the national organic and all-natural food and wellness brands that have banded together to raise awareness about GMOs and their negative effects on health and the environment. These national brands, led by Little Me Tea, are hosting a Social Media “March” across the major social media outlets with the goal of creating 1 million online impressions in the month of May. The campaign will raise awareness about the dangers of GMOs, the importance of honest labeling, and how to become a more informed consumer. Using the hashtag, #1MilNonGMO, these companies will start the online conversation and encourage others to join in by sharing, posting, and commenting across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Read Full Article