Group Plants on a Garden Safari

EXPLORATION PRIMARY ELEMENTARY  |  LANGUAGE ARTS |  SCIENCE Group Plants on a Garden Safari Students will identify similarities and differences among plants as they use all their senses to describe characteristics. Time 1 hour Setting Inside or Outside Collection Group GARDEN SAFARI   Standards SKL2b. Construct an argument supported by evidence for how plants can be grouped … Read more

Sorting Living & Non-Living into Clubs

EXPLORATION PRIMARY ELEMENTARY |  SCIENCE  Sort Living and Non-Living into Clubs Students will sort items into two categories – living and non-living – based on their attributes, and articulate the attributes they used to sort. Time 45 minutes Setting Inside Collection Group Garden Safari   Standards SKL1b. Develop a model to represent how a set … Read more

Sorting Found Objects Mystery Box

EXPLORATION PRIMARY ELEMENTARY  |  SCIENCE Sorting Found Objects from the Mystery Box Students will investigate unseen objects in mystery boxes using the senses of touch, smell, and hearing. Time 45 Minutes Setting Inside Collection Group Garden Safari   Standards SKP1b. Use senses and science tools to classify common objects according to their physical attributes (color, … Read more

Garden Safari

COLLECTION PRIMARY ELEMENTARY  |  SCIENCE Garden Safari Students will use their senses to explore objects from the schoolyard and then classify them as living or non-living, developing descriptors for each of the two classifications. Further explorations demonstrate plant movement (as a qualifier for being “living”) and provide an opportunity for students to sort plants based … Read more