Community Bottle Blocks and Model Eco-Learning Center

Thanks to a Captain Planet Foundation grant, Rehoboth Children’s Home Inc.’s (RCHI) youth in Tarlac, Philippines were able to completed the Community Bottle Blocks and Model Eco-Learning Center project. Students educated their fellow students and community members about a more environmentally friendly way to manage non-biodegradable waste through the creation of “bottle blocks”.

A bottle bock is a 1 L plastic bottle filled with non-biodegradable trash compacted until it is as hard like a brick or a hollow block, as they are called in the Philippines. In RCHI’s community, trash service is not available and the common means of disposing of waste is by burning. Over 5,000 collected bottle blocks were used to build a 5 meter by 7 meter model Eco-Learning Center on the site of RCHI’s Eco-Learning Farm.

This project will serve to mobilize over 50 youth to educate the community about the environmental and health effects of burning plastics; engage hundreds of community members in reducing the amount of plastic being burned by over 1250 kilograms through the creation of bottle blocks; facilitate improved partnerships among four institution; provide alternative building materials almost free of cost; and exhibit the first bottle block model infrastructures in the region as learning opportunities for curious visitors.

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