Competing in an Ice Cube Race

Investigate Heat Production and the Effects of Heating and Cooling in this Engineering Challenge

Topic: Heat, Science, Observations | Type: Outdoor Learning

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Get your scientist outside to soak up some rays and put the sun to work in an ice cube challenge. What would it take to make your ice cube melt faster? Which factors determine the speed of melting? How does our position in relation to the sun affect the temperature around us? All of these questions are put to the test in this simple challenge. On the other hand, how can we slow the melting rate? Does blocking the sun have an effect on melting rates? Dive into an engineering challenge: Are there materials around the house that might insulate or protect the ice from the sun’s heat? Are there simply structures that can be built using found materials that would slow the melting rate? Use a timer and record each outcome using all the variables that come to mind.


  • Ice Cubes
  • Assorted Materials For Handling and Moving the Ice Cubes
  • Timer
  • Paper
  • Pencil
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