Congratulations to Rocket21 Captain Planet Dream Green 2014 Winner!

Brittany Amano, (Rocket21 Captain Planet Dream Green 2014 Winner), currently a senior at Kalani High School in Honolulu, Hawaii, was recently a featured speaker at the Keep America Beautiful (KAB) national conference in Washington, DC in January; and was featured in Running Start’s “Women To Watch Awards” 2014. While speaking at the KAB conference in January, she also collaborated with community leaders to work on implementing a program in her community with a $5,000 grant from the Wrigley Foundation.

Brittany has worked with various nonprofit organizations since the age of nine. She has even started two nonprofits of her own: Hawaii’s Future isn’t Hungry and Teens Stopping Domestic Violence. She is very passionate about protecting the environment, especially the fragile and crucial environment of Hawaii. She’s lobbied for bills in her community specific to the environment and has been working part-time at the state’s largest solar energy firm. Brittany has received numerous awards for her service work including the Prudential Spirit of Community Award, Running Start Emerging Young Leader Award, Generation On Power of Youth Award, and more. She one day hopes to have a greater impact in her community – and state – by running for political office.