CPF is competing for a permanent page on Global Giving.org!

The Captain Planet Foundation (CPF) has been put to the challenge, and your help is critical! CPF is competing for a permanent page on Global Giving.org, a solution-based charity fundraising platform that connects non-profits to the global community to raise funds needed to implement their social-change programs. During this Earth Month challenge, we will be raising money to support the expansion of the Captain Planet Learning Gardens Program.

Here’s the deal: from April 1 – April 30, CPF must prove our capacity to fundraise by securing $5,000 from 40 different donors through the GreaterGiving.org website. Here’s where you come in: share our message on social media, forward this webpage, or shout it from your roof-top- whatever you do, spread the word! Click Here to log on- right now- to do your part today. Give $5, give $25, give $500- every small (or large!) amount counts. We’re counting on YOU to help us make a positive difference this Earth month- GO PLANET!