CPF’s “Cocktail in Paris” event host by Ted Turner is featured in purepeople.com

Melanie Laurent, “visionary” radiant alongside a former companion of Jane Fonda
Posted: December 10
By PurePeople.com

The climate conference (COP 21) continues in full swing in Paris. At 48 hours until the deadline, as negotiators of 195 countries pledged to continue discussions around an ideal agreement for the planet, Mélanie Laurent continues to show her dedication to the environment. The French star, whose documentary Tomorrow (co-directed with Cyril Dion), was just released in theaters after being unveiled at the margins of COP 21, was one of the stars present at a rather special evening.

On Wednesday, December 9, the Captain Planet Foundation organized a gathering of global visionaries that included its prominent founder, Ted Turner, and Mélanie Laurent. Ex-husband to Jane Fonda (1991 to 2001), Ted Turner is an American media mogul (founder of TBS and CNN networks) and a tireless philanthropist and environmentalist. Co-creator of the famous hero Captain Planet (an animated series that dates back to 1990 and produced by Jane Fonda), Turner is now a staunch advocate for the environment.  Quite naturally, he was in Paris, along with his daughter Laura (now chairperson of the foundation) to lend his support. Read Full Article