Creating a sustainable worm growing company from cafeteria waste!

Grantee: Fall Creek Middle School – Fall Creek, WI

Project Title: Cricket Crawlers

Grant Type: ecoSolution


The seventh-grade students at Fall Creek Middle School started from scratch and created an environmentally sustainable worm growing company using leaves and food waste from the school cafeteria! At the end of the school year, the students packaged and sold the worms to fishermen as bait.

Due to extensive media coverage, from News Channel 13, Tri-County Advisor, and Leader-Telegram, Fall Creek was able to reach an even greater part of their community. They had customers make a special trip to Fall Creek just to purchase their worms!

Check out their video here.

Continuous impact/Community engagement: 

The students learned all types of new skills, such as marketing, sales, packaging, web design, management, etc. The students have also acquired habitats for worms, tools for building structures, and organizations which they will use for the next five years in this project!

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