The Delta Upcycle Project Collection

Thank You Delta and Looptworks!

Captain Planet Foundation is excited to announce that a portion of The Delta Upcycle Project Collection sales will go to funding our environmental education programs.

Delta Upcycle

About the Project:

Delta has partnered with Looptworks to transform over 350k pounds of retired uniforms

The Delta Upcycle Project has focused on diverting these materials into one of three streams:

  • Upcycling — converting an item or material into something of equal or greater value
  • Downcycling — transforming a material into one final product of lesser value prior to disposal
  • Donations — giving items to those in need

You can also connect with The Delta Upcycle Project on Twitter and Facebook.

The organizations making The Delta Upcycle Project possible include: Delta, Looptworks, Bobby Dodd Institute, Endeavor Air, Captain Planet Foundation, Delta Flight Museum, Covenant House Georgia, The Salvation Army, re:loom, and Relay Resources