Students Build Solar Powered Boat

Students Build Solar Powered Boat

January 4th, 2016

Grantee: Leonardo da Vinci Dolphin Yacht Club – Sacramento, California
Project Title: Dolphin Yacht Club Solar Regatta

The middle school Leonardo da Vinci Dolphin Yacht Club learned about solar energy and studied how to make the most efficient use of the sun to power a boat. They designed and built the boat and the motor and raced in a region-wide competition sponsored by their local utility company, SMUD. While technical difficulties kept them off the podium for races in speed and endurance, their boat design proved to be effective, and the drive system really moved the boat fast.

 More than anything, the kids who are moving on to high school are already talking about the boat they are going to build and race NEXT year. One of the goals the kids set at the beginning of the project was to make the program sustainable so the team work can continue on in the future at the middle school.

6th graders from the school took a field trip to watch the competition and learn about solar power as well. Many of the 8th graders are going into a specialized engineering program in high school, so the skills they developed with the DYC will follow them through out their education and into their likely careers. 

They took home the trophy for their video presentation! Click here for the Dolphin Yacht Club’s Award winning video.