Acting Out the Legend of the Three Sisters

Part of the "Help a Sister Out" Collection


Students will use the Legend of the Three Sisters to learn about vegetable planting and harvesting.

Estimated Time

45 Minutes

Setting Required



  • SS2H2a. Students will describe the region in Georgia where the Creek and Cherokee lived and how the people used their local resources.
  • SS2H2b. Students will compare and contrast the Georgia Creek and Cherokee cultures of the past to Georgians today.


  1. Read the A Legend: “The Three Sisters” aloud, allowing four students to act out the different parts to aid with comprehension.
  2. Following the story, explain to students that the three characters represented vegetables growing in the field and then being harvested. Ask students if they have any guesses as to which vegetables the characters represented.
  3. Make the comparison that just as some people grow better together, some vegetables grow better together as well. Challenge students to consider how the three vegetables may benefit from each other.