Creating a Sun Map of the Garden

Part of the "Shadow Sticks" Collection


Students will use their school garden to chart and create sun maps.

Estimated Time

1 Day

Setting Required

Inside and Outside


  • S2E2a. Students will investigate the position of the sun in relation to a fixed object on earth at various times of the day.


  • Map of the school grounds or garden (1 copy for each student)
  • Coloring supplies (colored pencils, preferred)


  1. Provide students with a map of the school grounds or garden and create a key denoting one color for each morning, noon, and afternoon.
  2. Visit the school grounds or garden with the maps once in the morning, once around noon, and once in the afternoon, each time coloring the area that is shaded at the time according to the key that was previously created.
  3. Analyze the sun maps with the students to reiterate how shadows are formed by the movement of the celestial bodies and to consider the effect that the information will have on garden planning.