Exploring the Effect of Seed Spacing

Part of the "Square Foot Garden" Collection


Students will explore, chart, and analyze the effects of seed spacing in their garden.

Estimated Time

A Few Weeks

Setting Required

Indoor Classroom


  • S1L1a. Students will identify the basic needs of a plant: air, water, light, nutrients.


  • Chart for each student- Record differences in Plant height, plant width, overall  appearance, date recorded etc.
  • Ruler/Measuring tape for each student
  • Seeds


  1. Work with students to design an experiment to grow certain seeds in two ways – for example, with a seed-sized space between each and with a plant-sized space between each.
  2. Over the next few weeks, keep all controls consistent while observing and measuring the growth of each set of plants. Optional: Lead the students in chart the average height of each set of plants on a double line graph.
  3. After a few weeks, observe the set of plants (and/or analyze the measurement data that was collected and charted) to develop a conclusion on the effect of seed spacing.


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