Five Senses Poem for Each Season

Part of the "Sense of Place" Collection


Students will use senses to classify common materials according to the physical attributes.

Estimated Time

45 Minutes

Setting Required



  • SKP1b. Students will use senses to classify common materials according to the physical attributes.


  • SKP1. Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information to describe objects in terms of the materials they are made of and their physical attributes.

b.   Use senses and science tools to classify common objects, such as buttons or swatches of cloth, according to their physical attributes (color, size, shape, weight, and texture).



  1. Read aloud the 5 Senses in the Garden poem with the class, pointing out the body parts (nouns) and associated actions (verbs) for each sense.
    My eyes can see the big bright sun.
    My tongue can taste what we grew. Yum!
    My ears can hear the birds sing.
    My nose can smell flowers in the spring.
    My hands can feel the sand and clay.
    I use my senses everyday!
  2. Review the Senses for Each Season poem model with the class, modeling how students can verbalize or write 1-3 things (independently, as a small group, or as a whole class) that they experience outside in the garden for each sense.

See below for specific notes on modeling each:

Poem Prompt
I see…
Notes for Student Instruction – Because there is so much visual stimulation in the garden, it can be helpful to narrow down for students that they are looking for things they see in the garden at this time of year that they specifically think they will not see at another time of year.

I hear…
Notes for Student Instruction – Students can list both natural sounds like birds chirping and man-made sounds like traffic on a nearby street. This sense does not always change as much as the others, as the seasons change.

I smell…
Notes for Student Instruction – An herb garden is a great perennial garden for school grounds to provide students with multiple different significant smells throughout the school year. See Growing an Herb Garden for more information.

I feel…
Notes for Student Instruction – Students can be encouraged to think beyond what they can feel with their hands but may also reference weather or emotional feelings.

I taste…
Notes for Student Instruction – A taste test can be structured around a seasonal fruit or vegetable.

This lesson can be replicated each season throughout the school year to review the standard and compare the seasons as they change.