Further Exploring Camouflage

Part of the "No Monkeys, No Chocolate" Collection


Students will further explore animal adaptive traits.

Estimated Time

30 Minutes

Setting Required



  • S4L2. Students will identify factors that affect the survival or extinction of organisms such as adaptation, variation of behaviors (hibernation), and external features (camouflage and protection).
    • a. Identify external features of organisms that allow them to survive or reproduce better than organisms that do not have these features (for example: camouflage, use of hibernation, protection, etc.).
    • b. Identify factors that may have led to the extinction of some organisms.


  • Various colored pipe cleaners (1 per student)


  1. Allow each student to choose one pipe cleaner (color of their choice) and to fold it into an “insect” like shape.
  2. Divide the class into two halves and model for the first half of the class how to hide their “insects” in the schoolyard while the other half of the class has their backs turned. When given the signal, allow the students who had their backs turned to explore the garden and see how many of the insects they can find. (Repeat the same activity with the groups switched).
  3. Discuss with students which insects were not found and what adaptive traits they may have (coloration, size, mimicry, etc).