Hunting for Bugs

Part of the "Scarecrow and Ladybugs" Collection


Students will observe and identify bugs in their garden.

Estimated Time

45 Minutes

Setting Required



  • S3L2a. Students will explain the effects of pollution to the habitats of plants and animals.
  • S3L2b. Students will identify ways to protect the environment (conservation of resources, recycling of materials).


  1. Instruct students to look carefully around the garden for as many bugs as they can find. Students can either collect bugs in containers, take a photo of the bugs (if technology is available), or draw the bugs in their journals. Before releasing students for their exploration, remind students of expectations, boundaries, and the call back signal (see more in Creating Garden Guidelines).
  2. After returning to the classroom, use resources such as those below to identify the name of each bug and determine whether they are beneficial or pests. Remind students that while being considered a pest is just a matter of viewpoint, from the gardener’s perspective anything that competes for the food being grown is considered a pest.
    Insects Common to Georgia

Bug Mugs for Identifying Insects