Investigating Heat Transfer – Convection

Part of the "Solar Cooking" Collection


Students will observe the process of convection heat transfer.

Estimated Time

20 Minutes

Setting Required



  • S3P1. Students will investigate how heat is produced and the effects of heating and cooling, and will understand a change in temperature indicates a change in heat.
    • c. Investigate the transfer of heat energy from the sun to various materials.


  • Cold blue-dyed water
  • Hot red-dyed water
  • Clear container; consider re-purposing glass jars, plastic cups or bottles
  • Funnel


  1. Fill a clear cup with cold blue-dyed water. Use a funnel to introduce hot red-dyed water to the bottom of the clear container.
  2. Notice that the red water rises by convection then the water changes to purple as the heat energy is transferred from the warmer area to the colder area.