Modeling the Square Foot Garden

Part of the "Square Foot Garden" Collection


Students will demonstrate the need for plant spacing by going through a yoga sequence modeling plant growth.

Estimated Time

15-20 Minutes

Setting Required

Inside or Outside


  • S1L1a. Students will identify the basic needs of a plant: air, water, light, nutrients.
  • S1L1b. Students will ask questions to compare and contrast the basic needs of plants (air, water, light, and nutrients) and animals (air, water, food, and shelter).
  • S1L1c. Students will identify the parts of a plant: root, stem, leaf, and flower.



  1. In a large space (on the carpet or in a field), demonstrate the need for plant spacing but leading students through a yoga sequence modeling plant growth.
  2. First, position students so they are touching side to side, front to back, when they are squatting (pretending to be a seed).
    1. Teacher Says…
      You are a little seed, just planted in the ground.
      Students Do…
      Students kneel on the ground and fold forward into a ball.
      Model Yoga Pose
      Rock Pose
    2. Teacher Says…
      With warmth and water, you grow…
      Students Do…
      Students keep their knees and feet on the ground but place their hands under their shoulders and lift up to all fours.
      Model Yoga Pose
      Cat Pose
    3. Teacher Says…
      …and grow.
      Students Do…
      Students curl their toes under and straighten their knees pushing their bottoms up.
      Model Yoga Pose
      Dog Pose
    4. Teacher Says…
      Then your stem comes up out of the ground.
      Students Do…
      Students step one foot between their two hands and then lift their hands straight up.
      Model Yoga Pose
      Warrior Pose
    5. Teacher Says…
      Your roots dig down into the earth as your leaves stretch up towards the sun.
      Students Do…
      Students step the other foot up to meet the first and stand straight up with arms stretched straight overhead.
      Model Yoga Pose
      Mountain Pose
    6. Teacher Says…
      With the soil holding you tight and providing you with nutrients, you stand strong.
      Students Do…
      Students reach their arms out at an angle with their palms up and can try to lift a leg and balance for an extra challenge.
      Model Yoga Pose
      Tree Pose
  3. Repeat the yoga positions with students again but this time, start with students positioned so they are just out of reach when they are fully extended (pretending to be a full plant).
  4. Lead students in a discussion of how this model relates to how plants need to grow.


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