ExplorOcean Eco -Tech Club

The purpose of the ExplorOceans Eco-Teach club is to connect students, technology, and environmentalism. During the program, students learned about environmental issues, and created and used state-of-the-art tools to conduct research, document, and share their discoveries with the world!

Okay, to put it simply, they built underwater robots and then fitted them with film cameras to explore the coastline and document pockets of pollution.  Then the students learned about solutions and participated in volunteer opportunities, including ocean clean-ups and restoration events.

Students learned about threats to the health of our ocean, such as: different forms of pollution {ocean acidification, noise pollution, etc.}, overfishing, habitat destruction, etc, and gained leadership and communication skills.  They took that learning volunteered at education/outreach events, in which they delivered mini-workshops/hands-on activities to the public to teach about preservation, conservation, and restoration.

What a cool EcoTech program!

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