Farm Star Living

Captain Planet Foundation is thrilled to be writing an ongoing guest blog for Farm Star Living, an amazing new website by Mary Blackmon.  Mary left a media career in Los Angeles to take over her family’s farm in the Arkansas Delta and wanted to create a website that celebrates the USA farmers who bring the food to our plates, who she calls “farm stars”!  We met Mary and began collaborating because of our Learning Gardens Program – which celebrates not only the food that school students can grow and eat as part of an onsite learning garden – but also the way that a school garden can serve as an outdoor learning lab for science, math, history, health, and language arts.

Farm Star Living just launched with the goal of providing accurate, interesting and timely information and resources so anyone can get involved with and support farming and farmers. Learning about and getting involved with farming has never been more fun.  From a farm-to-table restaurant-finder to farm vacation destinations to user reviews, Farm Star Living offers engaging, exciting content that’s never before been compiled or presented off or online, especially in such an entertaining, cutting-edge manner.

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