Field Investigation Hike

Grantee: Ozark Natural Science Center – Huntsville, Arkansas
Project Title: Science in the Ozarks

Description: Elmdale Elementary completed a two day Science in the Ozarks program at Ozark Natural Science Center. During Field Investigation hikes students actively participated in inquiry-based lessons exploring geology, succession, nutrient cycles, scientific method, and conservation.

Students used dip nets to collect insects and amphibians in the pond and stream. Identifying these aquatic creatures along with a chemical test of the water gave students an understanding of water quality and the health of streams.

In Discovery of the Specimens class, students learned more about animal adaptations and geology through the examination of skulls, track and scat casts, study skins, fossils and rock samples. A night hike, astronomy, and a campfire program rounded out the students ONSC experience.

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