Fighting Invasive Species & Litter

Grantee: Mobile Baykeeper Inc. – Mobile, Alabama / 2014
Project Title: Fighting Invasive Species & Litter in Three Mile Creek

Description:  With the help of grant funding from the Captain Planet Foundation and matching funds from, ArcelorMittal, AM/NS Calvert; Wells Fargo; JL Bedsole Foundation; and Mobile Baykeeper’s members, 70 children were able to initiate over a dozen Invasive Species Removal and Cleanup events throughout the Three Mile Creek Watershed an urban waterway in Mobile, Alabama.  

Continuous impact / Community engagement: The community found this activity to be both fun and educational as they learned about invasive species and their negative impacts on the local ecosystem. Children of all ages especially loved searching for Apple Snails and their eggs. It was a wonderful outreach effort for local schools, community groups (including Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts) and concerned citizens. Funding from the Captain Planet Foundation supported the cost of important supplies and safety equipment for these events.

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