ecoSTEM Kit Recipient in partnership with DonorsChoose and Captain Planet!

For Mother’s Day every student at Dana Elementary School took home milkweed plants they planted in containers from the PolliNation ecoSTEM® Resource Kits. The students also created garden themed cards for their loved ones. By planting the milkweed seeds at home the student will be creating a neighborhood monarch butterfly habitat corridor. Follow their blog

About ecoSTEM® Resource Kits
CPF ecoSTEM® Resource Kits were curated to engage students in project-based learning, including observing phenomena, conducting inquiry investigations, making models, collecting data for citizen science projects, creating solutions to engineering challenges, and implementing environmental stewardship projects to solve real-world problems. Each kit contains supplies for 32 students and is available to teachers through Donors Choose. The 4 kits you can choose from include: Earth (Healthy Soils & Decomposition), Water (Water Quality, Ocean Pollution and Watersheds), Renewable Energy, and PolliNation. Kits are aligned with Next Generation Science Standards, GA Standards of Excellence in Science, and state standards in 3-Dimensional Science. Sign up for your ecoSTEM® Kit today on!

About ecoSTEM® Resource Kits Funding
Back in March, over 50 philanthropists, athletes, and celebrities “flash funded” more than $14 million dollars of projects. The funded projects included OVER 100 CPF ecoSTEM® Resource Kits that provide teachers with an easy-to-use introduction to environmental, project-based STEM learning. When combined with our own match funding effort ($100,000 committed), Captain Planet Foundation will have distributed over 350 kits by the end of this school year – impacting over 35,000 students around the United States! Read Full Article