Former CPF FoodCorps Service Member Lauren Ladov, Featured in National Geographic

Water and Life Lessons
Posted: December 13
By National Geographic Online

Dear Educators, Let’s Talk Water

Have you and your students experimented with sprouting seeds in the classroom? Set up two growing stations with soil and seed. See what happens when one stations is watered and one is not.

From your experiments, you’ll find that water triggers life.

When astronauts go to space, they look for water, not aliens. Water signifies potential for extraterrestial life. The first living organisms emerged from the ocean-single cells whipped into shape from the vortexes of tides hitting dry lands. Our eyes evolved from creatures under water. Our bodies consist of over 70% water. Can you feel it inside of you? In the blood flowing through your veins? In the elasticity of your skin?

Those that stood at Standing Rock believed to their cores in the life-giving force of water.  Last week’s announcement regarding the redirection of the Dakota Access Pipeline acknowledges a respect of such beliefs, and a respect for those that hold them. To honor those who peacefully persevered amidst chilling temperatures and tempraments solely to protect our waters, I ask you to help spread an appreciation and a deep love for water and all that it does, so we can all become water protectors.

Ever grateful for your work,

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