Fort Building: What Do Humans Need to Survive?

Learn About the Survival Needs of Animals, Then Create a Prosperous Habitat in Your Own Yard or Garden

Topic: Nature, Engineering, Observations | Type: Outdoor Learning

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Challenge your young engineer to design a fort that includes everything they’d need to live comfortably. Consider taking a nature walk to collect building materials, then find a spot in the yard to build a fort suitable for survival! Encourage your child to sketch their plan and be prepared to explain how their fort will address each of their animal needs. Differentiate between wants and needs, and have your child create a list of the “wants” and the “needs” that they believe would lead to their personal happiness.


  • Journals or blank paper
  • Drawing Utensils
  • Various Natural/Found Items for Structure Building (sticks, leaves, branches, straw, etc.)
  • Collection of Household Items for Building (Cardboard, Newspaper, Tablecloths)
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