Free Time Adventures in Chester County

Grantee: The Land Conservancy for Southern Chester County – Chester County, PA

Project Title: Free Time Adventures in Nature

Grant Type: ecoTech


During TLC’s Free Time Adventures in Nature program, over 100 children got a chance to explore the creeks, meadows, ponds, and woodlands of the 300-acre Bucktoe Creek Preserve! Activities were centered around “the lost arts of childhood”, such as hiking excursions, creek play and stone skipping, fort building, searching for creatures, and lots of free play. Thanks to this grant from the Captain Planet Foundation, the kids were able to use insect nets, stream sampling nets, soil sifting trays, and binoculars, to explore and learn from the many different habitats on the property. Each session had a different theme, such as birds, insects, amphibians/reptiles, and life in the water.

Highlights of the program included finding salamanders, frogs, and a baby box turtle; seeing many species of songbirds and participating in a bird banding demonstration; seeing raptors overhead such as red-tailed hawks, bald eagles, and kestrels; playing nature games such as “bat and moth”; getting muddy in the creek and pond; and a rainy day scavenger hunt.

Continuous impact/Community engagement: 

This program encourages and inspires children to explore and learn about the environment around them as well as impacting their families and teachers!

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