Project Giving Gardens: Fulton County Schools
Gardens south of the city are joining the effort to fight food insecurity for Fulton County families!

Just a few of our southside sites!

Oakley ES corn July 2020

Oakley Elementary School

Oakley Elementary School will soon be bursting with hues and textures! Beds are filled with a variety of tasty Summer-loving plants, including corn, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, and greens. We'll keep an eye on blooms and fruit as the season progresses; this site is sure to produce a beautiful and bountiful show. We are happy to consider how many rainbows will fill bellies in the surrounding community! Food harvested from Oakley will be distributed by Atlanta Community Food Bank.

Sandtown MS July 2020-1

Sandtown Middle School

Sandtown Middle School's garden is now sprouting corn, beans, greens, sweet potatoes and much much more! Beds were cleared and filled with a variety of plant starts and seeds earlier this season. We look forward to watching this garden grow all Summer long! Equally exciting: Surrounded by classrooms and windows, this garden will offer returning students and staff the perfect view for observing science, math, and community service in action! Hands in the soil this Summer is preparing the space for hands-on learning later. We can't wait to see how Sandtown transforms this Giving Garden into a Learning Garden. In the meantime, produce harvested here will be distributed by Atlanta Community Food Bank.

Stonewall Tell ES July 2020

Stonewall Tell Elementary School

The innovative students and garden teachers at Stonewall Tell Elementary have the perfect set up for growing cucumbers, beans, and other climbing things! Check out this adjustable trellis supporting their long growing bed. School gardeners also installed an irrigation system to support crops grown here. All elements for a successful yield. Take a look in the background of their garden: nestled against the treeline is a collection of bee hives and pollinator-friendly plants to feed them! We are super excited to attract and support some of these campus bees with flowering vegetable plants this Summer. Produce harvested from this garden will be donated to Atlanta Community Food Bank.

We're sending a big THANK YOU to all of our participating Fulton County schools!
These schools have volunteered their garden sites to serve as hosts to our growers and hundreds of pounds of produce for the   communities they serve. We're happy to welcome each school and garden site to Project Giving Gardens 2020. We look forward to growing with all of our schools! Keep an eye out for updates and photos as we watch these Giving Gardens' progress this Summer. Your site may be featured next!

Cliftondale Elementary School
Esther Jackson Elementary School


Feldwood Elementary School
Oakley Elementary School

Sandtown Middle School
Stonewall Tell Elementary School