Get To Know FoodCorps Service Member Sumer Ladd


Sumer Ladd
Project Learning Garden schools:
Clarkdale Elementary, Cobb County
King Springs Elementary, Cobb
Cooper Middle, Cobb

What is your motivation to work with school gardens?
I believe that school gardens are the best way we can connect children to the environment, have them gain a respect for all living things, and teach them to grow up healthy. I never knew just how impactful school gardens were until I did my first lesson in one and saw so much enthusiasm and engagement from students. There is no greater environment for learning than in a garden, and no greater lesson we can teach children than to understand and appreciate the nature of things.

Favorite quote from student or teacher:
Anytime a student or teacher says, “I’ve never liked (insert fruit or veggie here) before, but now I love it!”

Favorite veggie and why:
Brussel sprouts because I wouldn’t touch them as a kid and now I can’t get enough of them. They’re so tricky to grow, so when you finally successfully grow them, it’s very satisfying!

Advice to anyone teaching in a garden:
Don’t be afraid to grow anything and just try it out! Plant a seed, it’ll grow! If it doesn’t end up growing how you expected, you’ve learned something! Learning gardens are for learning, not necessarily for producing the highest yield or getting everything right!

Your favorite garden activity or recipe:
Simply harvesting something from a garden, rinsing it off, and tasting it in it’s purest and freshest form!

To get a better sense of just how amazing Sumer’s contributions to his schools have been, view a few of his incredible projects via the photos on these PLG Facebook posts:
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