Getting Teachers Ready For New Georgia Science Standards

With the new Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) for Science coming into effect Fall 2017,
CPF Institute had a busy summer facilitating professional learning workshops on Three-Dimensional Science for educators across the state.

Funding for workshops was made possible through three (3) U.S. Department of Education Teacher Quality Partnership (TQP) grants in collaboration with Albany State, Kennesaw State University, University of Georgia. A separate series of workshops were funded through EPA Region 4’s Environmental Education Grant Fund.   The Institute also facilitated a series of twelve (12) concurrent half-day workshops for science teachers across Cobb County, and three full-days with the Southwest Georgia RESA.

Daniel Uribe, Physics major at Emory and Institute intern has spent his summer supporting the workshops. Asked about his impression of teachers’ experience with this professional learning, he said, “Teachers seem excited and much more encouraged to give students the opportunity to investigate by asking questions, to think critically, and ultimately to be leaders in their own education.”

In addition to providing intensive professional learning opportunities, CPF Institute is continuing to work with Georgia Department of Education to develop “Lesson Frameworks” that meet the new Georgia standards.  These “Frameworks” provide teachers at all grade levels with the ability to facilitate three-dimensional science using the environment as a context for learning.

“These lessons, and this instructional approach, allows students to apply knowledge in order to solve local problems and see the immediate value of their education,” explains Karan Wood, Director of the Institute.

As part of CPF’s agreement with the Georgia Department of Education, these lessons will be available free to educators.