Go on an Urban Bird Watch, Even From the Comfort of Your Home

Contribute to a Citizen Science Project by Observing and Recording the Birds in Your Community

Topic: Urban Wildlife, Citizen Science, Birds| Type: Outdoor Learning

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Brought to you by Celebrate Urban Birds, a year-round project developed and launched by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Urban Bird Watch engages diverse urban audiences in science and scientific investigation. 

Everyone is a scientific observer in this easy and simple Citizen Science project. Take some time to take in your surroundings and document the avian sights! Creating a free account on Celebrate Urban Birds is quick and easy. You’ll also learn about the urban birds found in other parts of the world and how they are celebrated worldwide!


  • Printer to Print off free recording sheets (optional)
  • Alternate: Notepad to Record Observations
  • Computer with Internet Access to Record
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