Go On an Urban Safari

Identify the Birds You Spot on an Urban Safari in Your Backyard and Community

Topic: Birds, Outdoor Exploration, Nature | Type: Outdoor Learning

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It doesn’t matter if your 6 years old, or 60, or 106… who doesn’t love birds? They’re colorful (some of them), easy to see (many of them), and can be challenging to identify (especially the little brown ones). They also add music to our world (depending on your definition of a melody). Lots of wild birds are perfectly happy having human neighbors, which makes them easy to see and enjoy from your kitchen table, on a walk in the neighborhood, or while visiting a local park. Take the Urban Safari challenge and see how many birds you can identify in your yard or in your community!


  • Paper
  • Writing Utensils
  • Access to a Printer to Utilize Free Worksheets (Helpful, Although Not Mandatory)
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