Envirothon in New York State

Grantee Environmental Education Foundation of Soil and Water Conservation

Thanks to a Captain Planet Foundation grant, this past year the NYS Envirothon program hosted over 41 teams with over 205 students participating at the state level event. At the local level, student teams attend outdoor educational workshops in each of the 5 Envirothon categories. The Envirothon education topics include Wildlife, Aquatic Ecology, Forestry, Soils and Land Use, and a current issue topic. Each workshop offers hands-on activities and teaches relevant environmental techniques.

Envirothon participation allows students to develop their knowledge of resource management all while trekking through the forest to ID trees, study soil profiles/textures, splash through streams to see aquatic life, to view wildlife, and to practice their problem solving and teamwork skills by presenting a group oral presentation on the current issue topic. At the state level, students continue to enhance their environmental knowledge by learning applicable methods used to protect, restore, and conserve the environment.

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