Gardening on the Go with Earth Care

Youth in Santa Fe, AZ participate in gardening program and provide mobile toolshed to community

Grantee: Earth Care Internation – Santa Fe, NM

Project Title: Grapevine Gardening and Mobile Toolshed

Grant Type: ecoSolution

Under the direction of Earth Care International, The Grapevine Gardening and Mobile Toolshed is a project led by youth in the Youth Allies Program who have received training in permaculture, Sustainability, and peer education. The project includes youth garden plots at five community gardens throughout the city as well as a converted cargo van that serves as a mobile tool shed.

The gardening project is led by 10 youth participants with support from one Earth Care Staff person. This committee decides what plants to grow, develops their work schedule together, and recruits volunteers and gardening experts to help with community workdays at the garden sites. In addition to the 10 youth leading the project, 35 youth ages 13-19 take part in garden workdays and mentor an additional 75 children ages 5-12 from area schools.

The mobile tool shed is a way of pooling resources by creating one shared cache of tools that can be accessed by all of the school and community gardens in Santa Fe. The community garden plots are located in three city parks. Two additional sites include a demonstration garden in a low-income residential neighborhood. Educational workshops are hosted at the sites for the youth as well as community members and area residents.

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