Green Schools Conference Student Summit



For the third year, Captain Planet Foundation is hosting  the Green Schools Conference Student Summit

“Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.”
– Norman Maclean

The lakes and rivers of Minnesota and the entire nation need protectors and advocates. Will you answer the call? Learn about Minnesota’s lakes and rivers and create a plan to protect your community’s waterways and the living things that depend on healthy waters.

About the Student Summit:
Water is an element that unites us all. Especially in Minnesota, with an estimated 90,000 miles of rivers and streams and 12,000+ lakes, freshwater is a resource that touches and connects every living thing in the region. But the health of watersheds and the well-being of species that depend on them are being impacted by human activities.

As part of the Green Schools Conference, this youth summit is bringing together young people passionate about protecting water and the living things that depend on healthy waters. Through this one-day intensive workshop, participants will:

  • Explore the science behind freshwater resource protection and conservation
  • Explore the species that depend on healthy waters in the Upper Mississippi Region
  • Explore the sources of pressure on these resources as well as conservation strategies
  • Develop skills to become an effective protector and advocate for rivers
  • Develop plans with other youth to implement a campaign to protect or restore the health of your local waterways

About the Green Schools Conference & Expo (GSCE)
GSCE is the premier education and engagement opportunity for leaders and advocates who are passionate about the future of healthy, sustainable schools throughout the country and around the world. GSCE is the only event to bring together all of the players involved in making green schools a reality: the people who lead, operate, build and teach in our nation’s schools.

The 2019 GSCE will be held April 8-10 in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and will be co-located with IMPACT, a regional sustainability conference. The event will feature three days of conference programing and workshops, kicking off with a welcome reception at the Science Museum of Minnesota. The conference will also feature a keynote from Zaria Forman, world renowned artist known for her pastel depictions of climate change.

The 2019 conference will strive to raise the bar on sustainability in schools and innovate by focusing on the future, encouraging attendees to approach our global challenges as stewards of the earth, its resources and its people. Experienced educators will address how green schools impact students and how sustainability efforts at school play an important part in improving quality of life for students, teachers, administrators and entire communities. Workshops and education sessions by passionate professionals will cover the latest trends and case studies in energy efficiency, facilities management, public health and sustainability education.