Registration is no longer required for ecoSTEM Kits. Downloads for kit QuickStart Guides are below.

Captain Planet Foundation advances a vision of ecoSTEM™ as an integrated approach to exploring the natural world using technology and math, in order to gain deeper understanding of science concepts and solve problems through design thinking (engineering design challenges). When real world problem-solving is the goal, research shows that more students are interested and engaged.

“Girls and underrepresented youth feel strongly about creating impact to serve their communities and the wider world. This means that recruiting should focus on . . . the impact that girls can have through STEM first, with less focus on gadgets and technical toys. Making STEM real, contextual, and relevant to their everyday experiences can support girls’ interest and success in STEM.” Changing the Game for Girls in STEM 

CPF offers ecoSTEM™ Kits and related professional learning to make it easier for teachers to engage students in high quality integrated STEM learning.