Schoolyard Garden Support Organizations

Captain Planet Foundation’s Project Learning Garden is a proud member of a whole network of “schoolyard garden support organizations” across the United States (and around the world) that provide valuable resources and support to schools who want to maximize the value of their gardens for student learning and enrichment. Below are just some of the organizations Captain Planet Foundation works with to ensure all children have access and opportunity to outdoor learning spaces.

REAL School Gardens –  REAL School Gardens, originating fromTexas and operating regionally across the US, partners with schools on a multi-year training program to learn how to use their new teaching tool to get results.  Their educators provide deep, on-site, one-on-one training with teachers.

Life Lab – LifeLab, based in Santa Cruz, CA, has a long legacy of providing excellent garden and farm-based lessons and resources for students, as well as professional resources and workshops for educators.

Georgia Organics – Georgia Organics, based in Atlanta and operating across Georgia, provides high-quality resources and support for school garden and farm-to school programs across Georgia