Helping Pollinators In CA, CO, GA, & TX

Project Hero is a new program of the Captain Planet Foundation – developed in partnership with a coalition of conservation organizations.  The program is designed to fan the spark of empathy students feel when they learn about plants and animals at risk of extinction – and their desire to DO something about it.

Project Hero uses a novel project-based learning approach to engage and empower students by challenging them to accept a Quest on behalf of locally-threatened species.

For teachers, Project Hero offers this flexible, web-based framework to facilitate the teaching and learning of a variety of Life Science concepts while also integrating English Language Arts, Math, and other subjects.

For kids, Project Hero connects them to real-world data and conservation field experts through a series of web-based Quests and the Hero Society.  The Quest helps students identify locally-threatened species, understand what those species need to survive, and what is posing a threat to their survival.  Ultimately, the class bands together to collaborate and design a hands-on habitat restoration project that that can mitigate the rate of species decline.

For pollinators, this intervention can’t come soon enough.

We are excited to announce that a Pollinator Quest is available for pilot testing during the 2017-18 school year in the states of California, Colorado, Georgia, and Texas for 2nd – 5th grade classes.  Small grants of $250 [to facilitate the habitat restoration projects] are available to teachers who agree to participate in this pilot.

Interested in challenging your students to a Pollinator Quest? Go to to sign up!