How Do Animals Survive in our Garden?

Compare the Basic Needs of Plants and Animals, Then Design a Solution to Ensure These Needs Are Met

Topic: Nature, Science, Observations | Type: Outdoor Learning

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Dig in and investigate Life in the yard. We know how our personal needs are met by our home, but how does our yard meet the needs of other animals who share our address? Students will look for signs of life, and evidence of all of the components that meet the needs of animals in our yard. Turn this into a challenge: How can you enhance your outdoor spaces to better meet the needs of some of the animals you find? Identify a need, then use found materials to design a solution!


  • Whiteboard or easel, markers
  • Journals or 8.5×11 copy paper (1 per student)
  • Coloring supplies (enough for each student)
  • Hand lenses or other magnifying tools
  • Trowels
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