Intern Profile: Daniel Uribe

Summer 2017

Tell us about yourself: I’m a student at Emory University and moved to Atlanta from Bogota, Colombia. I am a physics major and will be entering my third year on campus. For the last two years in Atlanta, I have been integrating myself within the sustainable community that exists in the city. As I frequently attend mayoral forums, sit in the Atlanta sustainable roundtable events, and work with Environmental clubs on campus like ECAST that creates projects to solve issues at the local level.

I’ve also had the interest to take action within the educational community and have attempted to create groups that will take the initiative in informing communities of profitable actions to take that help the environment as well. This all includes the main goal of teaching science which includes the importance of critical thinking and understanding information. I have all of these interests that the Captain Planet Foundation has given me the opportunity to explore and learn from.

Proudest Internship Accomplishments: Karan gave me the chance to teach teachers during her workshops. We work with implementing project based learning within the school system and we attempt to show the teachers how to apply it in the classroom with our ecoSTEM kits. I was given the freedom to use my creativity and attempt a project based learning tasks with the teachers regarding renewable energies. I am proud to say that the lesson plan I created was successful and encouraged teachers to use the kit that I was able to present.

Favorite outdoor activity:  I have always enjoyed playing soccer and find that it is a great space for me to destress. I enjoy being in a park and playing sports since I have a competitive drive and enjoy strategizing and attempting new ideas that could help me and my team become successful. Although that is a slight tangent, I enjoy running in a field and playing sports with friends.

Goals for the future:  My goal is to enter the energy industry and provide a renewable energy service to residents and commercial buildings in order to maintain a productive society that works with the environment.