Intern Profile: Jonathan Perry

Jonathan Perry
2015 Summer Intern

About Jonathan:
I was born and raised in Atlanta, and I attend North Carolina A&T State University as a second year, Mechanical Engineer. I was assigned to work for Captain Planet Foundation through the TAG Internships Program. During my internship, I was predominantly organizing and sorting a wide range of digital files between the foundation’s collective drive and their main online database.

Career Aspirations:
In my career life, I’m not completely set on one path I would like to take; I actually want to take on multiple different career paths to experience various working environments. Although, I would prefer my career to be involved with technology, engineering, and/or designing and visual art.

Favorite Internship Memory: 
The ham party will definitely be my favorite memory, mostly because I didn’t really see it coming. The staff mentioned it the day before, but I figured it was just a running joke so I was surprised to come and find an actual ham party in the break room the next day.

From his Direct Report, Kathy Lively, CPF Programs & Grants Manager:
“Jonathan was tasked with an intense amount of data management and restructuring during his internship with CPF.  He did it all with a sense of humor, amazing attention to detail, and a real determination to finish all the projects. Working with Jonathan is an absolute delight and we are definitely the better for having him here – he’ll be a hard act to follow!”