Intern Profile: Min Seo

Communications Intern Profile
Summer 2017

Tell us about yourself: I was born in South Korea and came to the U.S. to study when I was sixteen years old. I am currently in the third year at Emory and studying media studies as my primary major. I have appreciated my opportunity to work for CPF throughout this spring. It has been an amazing experience being a part of the organization inheriting the spirit of the 90s’ legendary animated environmentalist show, Captain Planet. It was also broadcasted on KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) in the early 90s and gained a lot of popularity among kids.

Proudest internship accomplishment or moment: My proudest moment of my internship was reading the articles I wrote on the main website. I was so glad that I was able to share these good stories I organized by myself to CPF families and supporters. Conducting a social media audit and assisting with setting social media strategies to maximize efficiency were also great experiences I had been looking forward to having.

Favorite outdoor activity and why: I enjoy meeting with various people while ushering at a performing arts center in my school. Exchanging a smile with the audience and having a little chat with other volunteers always give me positive energy.

Goals for the future:  After graduation, I want to pursue a career in the field of marketing or public relations. I want to gain enough hands-on experiences during my college years for now.

Links to her articles:

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