Intern Profile: Olivia Hill

Summer 2019

Tell us about yourself: I am a Junior at Kennesaw Mountain High School and am enrolled in the Dual Enrollment program at Kennesaw State University. I enjoy reading, writing, baking, and watching history documentaries in my free time. I’m always trying new things, whether it’s a new restaurant or a new hobby or even a new language.

I discovered my passion for the environment after reading National Geographic’s June 2018 issue on plastic pollution in the ocean. I am currently working on bringing awareness and change to my school.

Proudest Internship Accomplishments: I really enjoyed helping with the social media aspect, it was very cool to see things that I wrote on an official website and various social media pages. It was such a great experience working with everyone at the Captain Planet Foundation.

Favorite outdoor activity: I enjoy walking and just sitting and breathing in the atmosphere. Whenever I need to relax and reset, I’ll go outside and read or just sit. I also enjoy planting and am currently growing an avocado plant and various herbs.

Goals for the future: To graduate high school with honors and continue onto college. I am entertaining the idea of environmental studies, but I’m also interested in language, business, and history. I plan to always be involved in protecting our environment, whether it be by influencing my peers or the world.