It’s Earth Day. Here’s What You Can Do to Celebrate with Your Kids.

By Cameron LeBlanc / Fatherly

On an Earth Day unlike any other, families are trapped inside — or at least unable to visit many of the parks, zoos, and museums where the Earth is celebrated. That means a certain level of creativity might be required, but it doesn’t mean that Earth Day is canceled. Here are some ideas for ways you and your kids can celebrate on the 50th anniversary of the original Earth Day while staying close to home.

Do Some Activities
If your kids are burned out on reading and watching, a hands-on activity might be the ticket. The Girl Scouts have a ton of options—and you don’t even have to be a girl to do them!

For crafty kids, Crayola has plenty of upcycling ideas, from a Milk Carton Bird Feeder to a hanging star made out of paper bags. Eco-oriented organizations like the Captain Planet Foundation have plenty of additional activities to explore. Read Full Article