LAST at the Roanoke Cashie River Center

Grantee: Love A Sea Turtle (LAST)

Project Title: Albemarle Sound Project

Grant Type: ecoSolution

This project will help make participating students more aware of why water quality in rivers needs to be protected, and also help them envision opportunities for pursuing education and even careers in science fields.

– Tom Stroud, Partnership for the Sounds


The middle school students of Bertie County, NC had a great time learning about hands-on water testing, water conservation, recycling, service learning and nature awareness at the Roanoke Cashie River Center! Love A Sea Turtle (LAST) and their community partners lead the students in water testing and problem-sloving activites to better improve their environment.

Continuous impact/Community engagement: 

The river water testing data collected by the students was sent to the River Guardian Foundation, and ultimately, they improved a resource that makes it possible for all the people who use the Roanoke/Cashie Rivers to swim, fish in, and drink higher quality water.