We Care A Whole Awful Lot!

Students implement recycling program to inspire “Earth heroes”

Grantee: Clarence Galm Elementary School – San Antonio, TX

Project Title: Let’s Save the Trees, cause WE Care a Whole Awful Lot!

Grant Type: ecoSolution

Description: Students at Clarence Galm Elementary School saw the need for a recycling program in the community. Through Captain Planet Foundation’s help, Clarence Galm Elementary School was able to start a school-wide recycling program that involves all students in grades pre-k through fifth.

” I am going to make the earth very happy!” -Tristan, kindergarten student

Thought this program they were able to make students aware of how they can have a significant impact on saving the Earth. Kindergarteners at the school created a commercial in which they did a skit and sang a song about recycling and protecting our planet. We, then, broadcasted the student’s commercials to the whole school. Afterward, the students delivered recycling bins to every classroom. They choose blue bins so they would be easy to identify in the school. They also recruited students to become part of the “Earth Hero” club in which they would encourage their peers to recycle used classroom paper. The club members would then follow through with weekly collection of the classroom paper and placed into the school’s Paper Retriever bins, which will provide revenue for the school.

Continuous impact/Community engagement: Clarence Galm Elementary plans on continuing the recycling program year after year and possibly expand the program by adding more bins.

“My students were super excited about their part in becoming earth heroes. One of my students took it upon himself to be the recycle soldier. Every day he would check the regular trash can for recyclable material, and if he found some, he would place it in the recycle bin.” -Ms. Balzen, kindergarten teacher