Mobile Baykeeper and SWAMP

Grantee: Mobile Baykeeper Inc.

Project Title: Strategic Watershed Awareness and Monitoring Program (SWAMP)

Grant Type: ecoSolution

two boys conducting water quality samples during field experience with Mobile Baykeeper


The Strategic Watershed Awareness and Monitoring Program (SWAMP) teaches watersheds, environmental protection, pollution challenges, and water quality monitoring to broaden the understanding of how citizens impact their natural resources.  Mobile Baykeeper strives to make SWAMP easy for teachers to implement in their classrooms and accessible to students in high schools.

In 2018, Mobile Baykeeper’s SWAMP reached 2,123 high school students. The students enjoyed various lessons and activities tailored to teach them about watershed basics and water quality. Teachers in every school participated in workshops and were given equipment and lesson plans to teach.

Continuous impact/Community engagement: 

Of those students educated on watershed basics and water quality, 111 became trained water quality monitors venturing on monthly monitoring trips to collect samples along local creeks and streams. Mobile Baykeeper hopes to expand its program to reach even more students and teachers.