Ocean Heroes to the Rescue!

Check out these awesome features checking in on our 2018 Ocean Heroes and Young Superhero for the Earth HonoreesDyson Chee and Steff McDermot! Click the images below to read the articles highlighting their work on fighting plastic pollution in our oceans!

Steff McDermot aboard the ship as part of Sail for Climate Action

The Motivator: Uniting a diverse community of planet defenders

Steff McDermot, a founding member of Sail for Climate Action (S4CA), shares her perspectives on fundraising for S4CA, Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) culture and identity, and how ocean conservation work has given her a sense of purpose.

Dyson Chee standing on the rocky shores of Hawai’i

An Introvert’s Guide to Making Plastic History

A 2018 Ocean Heroes Bootcamp Champion, Dyson Chee goes into schools to raise awareness of the issues of a plastic-filled ocean. Here he shares his experience of helping successfully pass Bill 40, a landmark comprehensive ban on single-use plastics in his home state of Hawai’i.