This past weekend, the Captain Planet Foundation had the opportunity to partner with some young planeteers at the Ocean Heroes Bootcamp in New Orleans, Louisiana. From June 2nd- 4th, nearly 1,000 youth activists came together to collaborate with each other while learning how to create positive change in their communities by eliminating plastic pollution. The youths were led by 12 squad mentors, along with eight young squad leaders: Melati & Isabel Wijen, Saanya Bhargava, Olivia & Carter Ries, Hannah Testa, Liam Burns, and Sophia Abelita. The squad leaders worked with their peers to learn more about how to become ocean heroes, such as dissecting samples of plastic polluting the North Atlantic gyre, creating plans to eliminate plastic pollution and pitching their solutions to New Orleans city officials and the G7 Summit in Canada. The boot camp also gave recognition to actor Aiden Gallagher who at age 14, was officially delegated as the youngest UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador.

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