Ocean Heroes Bootcamp Youth Begin to Launch Campaigns

These Ocean Heroes are leading the charge to stop ocean plastic pollution.
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KITV News: Two local 16-year-olds making waves looking to end plastic pollution

Dyson and Anne featured on TV!

Dyson and Anne are two of our Bootcamp Champions from Hawaii. Watch the feature that Hawaii’s KITV did on them and on the 2018 Bootcamp!

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San Bernardino Science Camp says goodbye to plastic stirrers!

Chloe’s first success!

While at an outdoor education camp with her classmates, she noticed the camp used plastic stirrers. Follow the link to learn more about how she took action to convince the camp to give these stirrers up!

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Newport Coast 6th-grader campaigns to end use of plastic straws

Chloe Mei was interviewed by the Los Angeles Times about how her passion for saving the ocean came about and how formed her organization that works to stop plastic straws once and for all.

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Ocean Hero Makes A Difference

Estefania McDermot recaps what she learned from our Ocean Heroes Bootcamp and how she’s putting that knowledge to work to decrease plastic pollution in the Cayman Islands.

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This 6th Grader Is on a Mission to Reduce the Use of Plastic Straws

Read about the Passion Project pledge campaign to reduce plastic straw use that kickstarted Chloe’s current efforts!

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Vanessa from Captain Planet Fdn on Vimeo.

Vanessa’s Campaign

Since the 2018 Ocean Heroes Bootcamp, Vanessa has recruited teammates to help her, and together they have:

  • Worked together to design the best way to execute their strategy, which will mostly be over social media by getting the word out about the harm that plastic causes to oceans and promoting the use of metal straws in restaurants
  • Currently working to tag a professional Mexican golf player, Lorena Ochoa (through social media), to join the cause
  • Created the public instagram account strawlessmx to promote the campaign (see their feed below!)
  • Made a list of important companies we want to approach, and how to contact the CEOs of each
  • Compiled a list of schools in Monterrey which they hope to involve in the campaign as well
  • Approached three restaurants: el Gallo 71, mercurio, and la nacional. They have switched from using the plastic SUPstraw to use of avocado seed straws! You can see the team with these restaurant owners in the pictures below.